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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 18, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> welcome to the france 24 newsroom. good to have you with us. all the latest out of spain. a minute of silence in barcelona. the spanish king and prime minister on hand as they pay tribute to the victims of the attack. thenhunt underway in country at a suspect is on the run after two attacks in barcelona and cambrils. attackle killed in the
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with 13 in barcelona and 100 injured. five suspects shot dead in cambrils after a car ramming wounds several people, one woman has died from her injuries. ♪ >> a manhunt is underway in spain, though it is searching for a suspect after a van rammed into crowds of people in barcelona. 13 people e killed and 100 injud when the vehicle sped down the historical las ramblas promenade late thursday afternoon. another situation hours later in a resort town of cambrils, a car drove ininto pedestrians, , injg at least seven people the police opened fire and killed five suspects.
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authorities say one woman in the city has died from her injuries. bringing the death toll from the two attacks to 14. las ramblas walkway reopened to the public this friday, residents were allowed to go back to their homes and hotels. the city center is under heavy surveillance as a minute of silence was held at noon next to the top of las ramblas. where the deadly attack began. chris moore is in barcelona. we talked to him now for the latest. what do we know about what the investigation -- where the investigation stands? -- it isis still
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centered on the manhunt for who is a 17-year-old or 18-year-old, the younger brother of one of the three people detained in the wake of the attack yesterday in barcelona and further down the coast. the older brother detained in a town north of barcelona. it has been clear that the police do see a series of connective events between the two attacks. account, thing into , whatwn of alcanar happened there on the use of the barcelona attack, a e elosion, reuters quoted sources that said ththe explosion was caused by gs canisters and police expect a terror c cell were going to use gas canisters in an attack.
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various reports that only suspected terrorist cell involved in both or one of the attacks is up to 12 people. if you look through the three arrests, the manhunt for this young man involved in the barcelona attack, and the five people shot dead in cambrils yesterday, at least one person still on the run. operations are still ongoing. >> thank you for that, reporting from barcelona. we go to madrid where original correspondence joins us. we have a nation shocked, but one uniting in solidarity with a minute o of silence in barcelona and in the capital. tothat is right, they wanted -- the people of madrid to send their warmest wishes to debarment -- barcelona city.
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madrid is no stranger to extrtremist, terrorist attacks. that was the largest attack in 2004, which killed 191 people when bombs went off on madrid commuter trains. that has been the message of the spanish authorities and the people you talk to on the streets, they say, unfortunately, we are used to this. this is the first time spain has joined those cities like nice, london, where vehicles have turned into deadly weapons and there will be a lot of expiration as to whether more could have been done. spain has a very preventative method of dealing with threats. they arrest people at a very early stage, compared to the u.k. police, who build information when they suspect people, and try to make arrests
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when they have evidence of actual crimes or attacks. the experts here say that the spaniards tend to arrest even on propaganda, reading and showing intention to move towards the sorts of crimes. searching be a lot of about whether could more have been done. something mentioned about the barcelona attack, the pedestrian -- they do not have blocks to prevent vehicles from getting into the pedestrian part of the city -- part of the street. part of the people, experts already asking, given the high state of alert in european cities, should more have been dodone thinking of these types f attacks, a vehicle attack. >> what about in terms of
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workforces and working together in terms of police forces as spain has several police forces, what are we seeing in n terms of communication between them and if that was up to the level necessary? >> there is certainly y a number of regional police forces in , they have their own police force. there are national police forces in various levels. police with different competences, some of them do traffic, some do a larger offenses, the spaniards have argued that they do coordinate and that the evidence is there in the numbers. we have seen a lot of arrests. 723 arrests of suspected jihadists since 200004. if we look at the areas in spain
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, one thing that is interesting to the experts is that about a quarter of those arrested over the last three y years have been arrested in catalunya. in barcelona, and in the surrounding providences that provinces. -- surrounding provinces. that may reflect a higher level of migrants and second o or thid generation of muslim migrants are more prone to bebe able to have people convert them to extremism. >> thank you for that, sarah morris joining us from madrid. we did have the spanish prime minister hold an emergency security meeting this friday in barcelona to coordinate the investigation into the terror attacks in catalonia. we have more on that. .> a manhunt intensifies spanish authorities still searching for the suspect who killed more than one dozen people in barcelona on thursday.
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the driver was seen escaping on foot after plowing a minivan into a crowd of people on the city's popular las ramblas boulevard. >> i heard a lot of people screaming and i saw the van go down the boulevard, you could see bodies lying around las ramblas. it was brutal, a cap thing to see. -- tough thing to see. >> officials arrested three people in relation to the attack. one on the site of an explosion on wednesday, alcanar, that killed one person. >> the arrests are also related to an incident that happened wednesday in the region of alcanar, where an explosion in a flat resulted in one death and several injuries. investigation allows us to link both of these instances. islamic statete organizatation claimed responsibility for the
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barcelona attack, saying it was in response for targeting coalition states, the deadly -- deadliest attack in spain since the 20 best 2004 attack on the madrid rail system, they raise their terror alert l level to fr out t of five, signifying high risk of terror attacks. government data has showed 11 suspected jihadists were arrested in the barcelona area, more than anywhere else in the country. -- i would, w we go to like to ask you, authororities said it looks like events perhaps since wednesday evening, things could be linked. what do you make of what we are seeing unfold? what seems like, and we will have to wait, there was a big group --
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[indiscernible] they seem to be very well-settled. it explains why they have been able to develop the attacks. i apologize but we will have to leave it there but does -- because our connection is not good enough. we will try to reestablish it. a minute of silence held earlier in barcelona, the spanish king and prime minister were on hand as the city pay tribute to the victims of the attack. as spain is marking three days of national mourning. here is the barcelona mayor. we havef the solidarity
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received so quickly has made us feel strong as a city. powerful in our diversity in and our values. barcelona has always been a city of peace. a city of dialogue. a city of democracy. a brave city open to the world that is proud of its diversity, a cosmopolitan city, and it will continue to be so. to the cowards who try to spread howard -- terror, you will not succeed. victims, some 18 nationalities, 26 french citizens among the injured. the french foreign minister visiting barcelona later today. france has suffered some of europe's deadliest militant attacks in recent years and the french president tweeted his condolences, saying all my thoughts and the french solidarity to the victims of the
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attacks in barcelona. other governments have expressed condemnation and sympathy. shortly after news broke of the terror attack in barcelona, the u.s. secretary of state offered american assistance to authorities in spain. to assist lawady enforcement, national security enforcement officers in spain, our consulates in barcelona and our entire mission spain team are currently assisting americans in spain who are affected by these events. we ask u.s. citizens in the area to let your loved ones know you are safe. worldists around the should know that the united states and our allies are resolved to find you, and bring you u to justice. >> there have been several terror attacks involving the use of vehicles in france in recent years. reacting to the tragedy in barcelona, the french president said that his thoughts and the solidarity of france were with the victims. london is suffering -- has
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suffered a similar attacks on pedestrians this year and it's mayor describe the incident in barcelona as barbaric, and praise the city's brave emergency services for their response. the canadian prime minister, justin trudeau, also took to twitter, saying his peters hearts, 70's, and support work with their victims -- angela merkel, the russian president vladimir putin, and the british trimester, theresa may, were among other world leaders offering their condolences. some city authorities have joined the tributes, tel aviv in israel used light to show the spanish flag. in paris, lights on the eiffel tower were turned out 15 minutes early to show solidarity with the victims. >> we are watching france 24 and the ongoing coverage on the attacks in spain. headlines this hour, a minute of
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silence in barcelona, the spanish king and prime minister onon hand as they pay tribute to the victims. a manhunt is underway in the country as a suspect is on the run after the barcelona van ramming that killed 13 people. a separate incident in the seaside city of cambrils, with five suspects shot dead, a car drove ininto people, wounding seven people and one woman has died from her injuries. time for a business update. we will continue with what we are seeing in spain and the attacks that took place have hit the country where it hurts, tourism. >> it is a vital economic motor for spain, a country that only recently came out with a long-running financial crisis and a 2016 more than 75 million people went to spain, making it
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the third most visited country in the world. a tourism and travel industry generated almost 160 billion euros last year, that is 14% of gdp, a 10th of the jobs created in spain is in the tourism sector. following the thursday event, airlines are offering passengers with barcelona flight flexibility to rebook travel. >> what are we seeing in terms of the impact on the global stock markets? >> european stocks mostly in negative territory with airline shares dropping following the attacks with british airways and easyjet shedding more than to present, the pan-european trouble dropped 1.4%. political turmoil in washington is weighing in on the markets as investors are doubtful about the u.s. president stability to push his economic programs. >> donald trump is abandoning his business panels.
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>> and exit is of ceos, the infrastructure cououncil was beg formed following an executive order last month that would have advised the president on his plan to spend as much as $1 trillion on upgrading roads, bridges, and other public ways. more of the day's business headlines, germany's lufthansa informal talks to buy air berlin assess this friday, ahead of their perspective visits, the country second-biggest airline -- the german government has granted a loan of 150 million euros to get her berlin flying the the summer. shares of a china financial group rose more than 20% after they annouounced thehey would be main investor in a $1.7 billion acquisition of an aging unit of massmutual, the u.s. insurance group. they are backed by the aly baba founder and will own 60% of
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massmutual asia while investors will own the rest. impetusof india-based has stepped down following a dispute with some of the founders good -- founders. he complained of false data and malicious attacks, which led to relentless criticism about him and will remain on the board as vice-chairman as their share prices fell 7.3%. >> a work on the lottery in the united states. >> the next growing for the powerball lottery is coming up this saturday night and the jackpot has risen to over half $1 billion since no one picked the winning numbers in the last rowing. the game is played in most u.s. states and in puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands with the auto matching all six numbers are about one in 2 293 million. >> high-stakes, thank you.
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time for the press review. ♪ by florence.d incidence that took place in spain is grabbing the headlines. , keep inanish papers mind that the media in spain is known for being quite graphic, more graphic for the media and -- then he median france and other european countries. a m paper, terror in barcelona with this graphic photo on their front page, showing victims, lifeless victims on the ground, on the boulevard of las ramblas. a newspaper says there are no pillars on this pedestrian street which turned it into a mousetrap, according to a paper.
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thenational paper, el pais, exact same photo, a graphic photo of victims and they talk about a terror bloodbath on las ramblas. >> a top story in the sports press. of the is the front page main sports daily in spain. you can see, they say that we cannot talk about sports today. you can see the ribbon, the black ribbon of mourning. instead, they featured other front pages. another spanish paper, elm mi -- el mundo. l. another picture that is a zoom in of the same photo. the top photo in the spanish press. they are talking about horror on las ramblas. >> what have we seen from the
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u.k.? >> some british front pages and the spanish mosaic, here is another mosaic showing nine front pages in the british press today, it is the top story. titles,see a range of the times talking about how evil strikes again with the guardian, terror strikes in barcelona. tabloids tend to be more sensational, the daily mail talking about a massacre of holiday families, lots of tourists in barcelona during the summer holiday. the sun talking about barcelona investors -- bastards. >> back to the spanish press. look at some editorials. mundo call for unity in the firm this of the fight against jihadism in all of europe, calling formal
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cooperation and exchange of information between european countries and within spain between the central government in madrid and regional authorities like the cattle and authorities in barcelona. paper, -- they say we will not let them win. this is a lengthy and emotional editorial that has some criticism for the lack of security on las ramblas. it says we have seen similar attacks in other european cities, berlin, nice, london, it is difficult to understand how las ramblas, the main tourist have of the city, was not perfect -- protected with pylons to prevent the passage of a vehicle. this lack of foresight, what they call it, this is something we will need to investigate in the days to come. >> what about the reactions on twitter? , ian outpouring of emotion
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had to make a small selection but there has been countless tweets. this was interesting, the mayor of nice, a similar attack last year on this deal they, -- best deal they, they said the city -- the french president tweeted in spanish, solidarity with barcelona, we are by your side. he tweeted these french and spanish flags. there were also tweets. this was quite antidotal and representative of the wave of emotion we are seeing, this is the barcelona football club deeply saddened by the attack on our city. club hadona at a paris been in a argument after the
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french club got name are -- ney mar. they say our thoughts are with the victims, we are with you. #barcelona. the soccer player was one of the many people who used that tweet. he says, may god comfort all the families, i love you, barcelona. g this image,weetin prayed for barcelona, another image showing the skyline of barcelona and a black ribbon of mourning. a lot of people pointing out this is yet another terrorist attack in such a long line of terrorist attacks. it is hard to list them and keep track. charlie, saying, i am
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harris, orlando, not a complete -- paris, orlando, not a complete list, it ends with, i am tired. > as the investigation continues, as people try to make sense of things and see what impact these terrorist attacks,, the list keeps growing, what impact it has on society. >> particularly low-cost terror attacks where it seems like anything can become a weapon. an interesting article in the new york times that says as vehicle attacks rise and ordinary objects becomes an instrument of fear. this fear is not merely unpleasant it has real consequences, a real impact on society and politics. fear can eventually divide and poison societies, harding people can -- against received outsiders and causing them to abandon key values. the idea by amanda todd is a
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code in another article that came out quite a wild ago, -- while ago, published after the brussels attack in 2016, it is an article that comes out time and time again when there is a terrorist attack. an israeli history professor wrote this piece, essentially he is trying to understand the strategy of terrorism. he says it is like a fly that wants to destroy a china shop good the fly is so weak that it has to use something else and goes into the year and the elephant and drives it crazy until the elephant destroys the china shop, which is why terrorism is effective. it is hard, but people must remain rational and try to remember that the figures, how many people die in terrorist attacks, much lower than people who die in a car accident. he says we must not give into
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fear and hate or destroy everything around us because of a fly. >> thank you very much for that. go to our website france
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